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An able man is offered opportunities; a practical man is offered a post, and a successful man a position

1、Adhere to the fair principle of reward, that is, “competent employees are entrusted with jobs and those having merits are granted with rewards”.

2、To develop the company by developing people, and attract, retain, motivate and develop outstanding talents by means of performance-oriented remuneration system and an excellent career development system.

3、Adhere to people-centered management, encourage employees to discipline themselves and enhance self-management skills, and create an environment of encouraging innovation and spontaneous spirit.

4、Identify with colleagues, join hands to make creations, build a harmonious atmosphere of communication and cooperation, and develop good working relationship.

5、Create and maintain a safe and healthy working environment.

6、Respect from customers comes from our respect for employees.

7、Care for the physical and mental health of every employee.

8、Respect posts, job duties, and the rights for work of employees; create a management platform based on the institutionalization of management with an open and frank attitude; give full play to the function of human capital.

9、Frank and effective communications is the only way for us to make progresses; cohesion and team spirit are the powerful weapon for us to triumph in the market.

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