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Raw hide price fixed


Three organisations representing traders and manufacturers of leather goods in Bangladesh have jointly declared the price for hides and skins on Saturday. Bangladesh finished leather, leather goods and footwear exporters association(BFLLFEA), Bangladesh tanners association and Bangladesh hide and skin merchants association(BHSMA) made the joint announcement on prices. The three organisation had fixed the price of every square foot at Tk 85 to 90 for cows for Dhaka district and Tk75 to 80 for outside of Dhaka, BFLLFEA president Belal Hossain told a press conference Saturday. Last year, merchants went for market-driven prices rather than fixing any price range. The finalisation of the prices has been made to prevent smuggliing of hides in to the neighbouring country, according to Hossain. He said they are hoping to procure 6 to 6.5 million pieces of raw hide this year. Around 5 to 5.5 million raw hide was collected after last year’s Eid-ul-azha, the BFLLFEA president said. source from China-leather.com

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