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Good methods to accelerate soaking process?


Generally, long time soaking under low temperature is the safest and make the least damage to fibers. However, considering the production efficiency and equipment utilization, long time soaking is not economical. Following are some important methods to accelerate soaking:

1.   Mechanical treatment: soaking in drum is mostly applied in beamhouse process, the longer rolling time and faster rolling speed result in stronger mechanical action on hides and skins. It should be paid attention that degree control is very important for all mechanical treatment. Strong mechanical action is not proper for low water content hides and skins.

2.   Raising temperature: this is the most popular method for soaking accelerating. High temperature soaking is generally applied in combination with low temperature soaking in order to prevent from cortical loss. High temperature should not be higher than 28℃, and preservative should be added during the soaking process.

3.   Alkalis addition: sodium carbonate (Na2CO3), sodium hydroxide (NaOH) and sodium sulfide (Na2S) are frequently used. pH controlled at 9.0-9.5.

4.   Wetting agent addition: add wetting agent to accelerate water penetration into hides and skins, save soaking time.

5.   Degreasing agent addition: add alkalis and degreasing agent to partly remove grease of hides, which will reduce water repellency of hides and improve wettability. Anionic degreasing agents with low price can be used to reduce the cost.

6.   Soaking enzyme addition: activity of enzyme shows very close relationship with temperature, the higher temperature obtains the stronger action. However, more attention should be paid for that soaking enzyme used under high temperature.


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