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  • Name: TJAUX A3607E Ammonia Free Deliming Agent Liq.
  • Number: TJAUX A3607E
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    l  Free of ammonia salt and boron salt, a cleaning, safe, efficient deliming agent;

    l  Effectively removes lime in hides / skins, with excellent buffer effect at pH 7.5~8.5, avoids problems generated by sudden decreasing of bath pH value;

    l  Rapid and even penetration, mild deliming, gives hides / skins fine, smooth grain, effectively reduces growth marks, increases area yield;

    l  Avoids adhesion of scud, with grain cleaning effect;

    l  Adding with non-ionic degreasing agent, can improve deliming effect, also promote even penetration of pickling and tanning chemicals.



    l  Replaces ammonium sulfate and ammonium chloride in deliming process, greatly decreases ammonia content in effluent, reduces pollution to environment.



    l  Appearance                Colorless transparent liquid

    l  Charge:                         Anionic

    l  pH Value (1:9):             5.5 ~ 7.5

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