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  • Name: TWFC Chrome Free Tanning Agent
  • Number: TWFC
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    lStrong tanning power, for tanning of pickled hide/skin to produce chrome free leather, obtain wet white with good property, pure white color, good storage stability and cutting resistance, the shrinkage temperature reach 75℃;

    lFor wet blue retanning replacing chrome tanning agent, obtain similar effect, reduce chrome pollution;

    lExcellent filling and selective filling effect, improve fullness, especially for loose belly and flank, effectively solve loose grain problem;

    lAfter retanning, give fine grain, help upgrade quality of leather;

    lImprove buffing ability of leather, give light color, suitable both for colored leather and white leather.



    lUsed in tanning or retanning of chrome free leather.

    lUsed as retanning agent for wet blue.



    lAppearance:                  Beige powder 

    lCharge:                         Cationic

    lSolid content (%):          82.0

    lpH value (1:9):               2.5 ~ 4.5

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