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Headquarters: Haiwei Section of Guangzhu Highway, Shunde District, Foshan, Guangdong,China
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Details:  Characteristics:lStrong tanning power, for tanning of pickled hide/skin to produce chrome free leat...
  • Name: UFILL MXR

  • Details:  Characteristics:lExcellent filling and selective filling effect, produces even, full, tight leather...
  • Name: TJRET R5235 Soft Acrylic Retanning Agent

  • Details:  Characteristics:lStrong penetration, good absorption, excellent filling and selective filling effec...
  • Name: TJRET R425 Eco-friendly Amino Resin

  • Details:  Characteristics:lStrong filling and selective filling power;lEco-friendly retanning agent, free of ...
  • Name: TJFAT F609 Synthetic Fatliquor

  • Details:  Characteristics:lEco-friendly pure synthetic oil, without animal and vegetable oils, good endurance...
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