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Headquarters: Haiwei Section of Guangzhu Highway, Shunde District, Foshan, Guangdong,China
Sales Tel:+86-757-28392207
Technology Service:+86-0757-28399088-185

Details:  Characteristics:l Gives excellent surface handle;l Effectively improves waterproofing of leather;l ...
  • Name: TJFIN A993 Waterproofing Pull-up Oil

  • Details:  Characteristics:l Improves waterproofing power;l Excellent oil pull-up;l Excellent slippery oily fe...
  • Name: TJFIN A992 Solvent Pull-up Wax

  • Details:  Characteristics:l Excellent wax pull-up effect;l Excellent waxy feel, good impregnation;l Applied t...
  • Name: TJFIN A991 Solvent Pull-up Oil

  • Details:  Characteristics:l Excellent pull-up effect;l Excellent slippery oily feel;l Applied to bottom coat ...
  • Name: TJFIN A891 Non-ionic Oil

  • Details:  Characteristics:l Improves grain softness;l Imparts leather natural oily feel;l Improves polishing ...
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